Fall Into Fitness

As we all know, Fall can be a trying time to stay on the healthy kick. With pumpkin spiced everything, pies, and all the baked goods and candies…. it’s so hard to say no! So why not combat all that food with a fun exercise group on Facebook to keep you accountable?

I along with a team of health coaches are going to run a larger accountability group. It’s a test group for the new P90 Beachbody workout. This program is AWESOME and can be used at any level of fitness.

The group will start October 20th and the cut off date to join is the 13th!

What does the group involve?

  • It’s a daily post with motivation and encouragement to keep you going.

  • It’s healthy food tips and fitness tips.

  • A team of health coaches who have done these programs themselves and love to help others reach their own fitness and health goals.

This is exactly how I lost my first 30 pounds and have kept it off for the past year!

Ready to make a change? Don’t fall into the foodie trap! 🙂 Email me at ashleycrew7@gmail.com for more info!

How Do Busy Women Eat Healthy?

Oh my! I just have to say that FOOD is my weakness when it comes to my health. There really isn’t much that I don’t like. However, if you have any kind of health/fitness goals then learning how to eat healthy is vital. You can’t workout all of the time and expect to have awesome results if the nutrition doesn’t add up.

So, what can we do? Accountability has been EVERYTHING to me in my journey as I’ve been losing weight and feeling better. However, I need to step it up with the food portion. I would LOVE to have you along the way as we learn about clean eating.

What it is?

How much can I eat?

How will I be able to stick with it?

What about menu/meal planning?

I will go over all of these questions and we can keep each other on track along the way. I have another 5 pound goal I’d love to meet and I know with your help we can do this together! What kind of goals do you have?

If food has been an issue in your life, then let’s get together! Comment below and let me know if you want to join this free group! I can’t wait to get started!

Blended Family Encouragement

It is not uncommon today for people to have a blended family. It may be due to death or divorce, but no matter what we all need encouragement to help us and guide us. Steve and I have been married almost 7 years and merged from 2 to 4 kids. Then a few years later, we added one more to the gang! So here we are a BIG family of 7 and have daily struggles with our “blending”.

Sometimes, it could be related to the different ways we parent and discipline… other days it can simply be being oversensitive to the circumstances. But, I can tell you that no matter what I can ALWAYS use some encouragement in this area. There are things I wish I could go back and do differently when we first got married. I was young. I didn’t want to go through divorce. I didn’t want to have a blended family. I didn’t want to have to deal with ex-spouses for my entire life! haha

But, thankfully God’s Word has given and continues to give me truth in how to handle my life and kids. Believe me, I’ve failed PLENTY of times, but I feel like what I want to share in this new Blended Family Devotional will help so many people. As I wrote this over a year ago, I cried through every page I typed. I poured out my own story which was super painful. It left me feeling like I had a big open wound that I was exposing to the world.

Little did I know what God had in mind. He truly inspired each page of this 30 day devotional. If I wasn’t inspired, I didn’t write. Now, I am watching and waiting to see what God has in store next. He has opened a BIG HUGE DOOR to publish this devotional and I am trusting Him along the way.

I’ve started the fundraising to pay for this to become a reality. I’d love for you to check out my page and if you feel led… donate to the ministry.


Thank you so much for all your support!

Crazy Messy Wonderful Life

Wow! I look back on my 33 years some days and wonder how in the world did I get through it all!

Ever feel that way? Maybe it’s just this week! Or maybe you feel like you are stuck in a pit and can’t get yourself out right now.

I’ve totally been there and fight this feeling almost every day at some point. As a mom, I make my schedule and try to keep up with all of the activities the week holds. Not including attempting to keep the house picked up, laundry done, doctor/dentist visits, bills, etc….

I can sit down at night most days and think… Did I even get ANYTHING accomplished??

As a mom of a blended family, I am hit by so many more issues to deal with on a weekly basis. Things that I’d rather not have to work through. I find myself desiring the “normal life” whatever that is 🙂 Sometimes, I ask God why I have to handle situations over and over again that are a waste of time. I ask if I’m always going to have to put up with such negativity and drama. I ask “can I please get a break sometime soon!”, but I know all in all He wants and desires the best for me and my family. I know that I am in this “pit” for a reason and that reason will ultimately glorify God. For now, I am just hanging on!

You see, we all have our struggles. Some may deal with health issues or financial struggles. Some of you may have addictions or depression. Others of you may have difficulties raising your family. BUT… no matter what you are dealing with just know that there is a God who cares so much for you. He wants the best in life for YOU! The question is are we giving Him our best?

Sure, I can totally get bummed with the little annoying things that get thrown my way. But, I need to give it up to Him and let Him guide me through it. My life will never be perfect. I can strive to be the best “Sam” I can be, but I’ll never add up. There will always be someone or something reminding me that I’ve failed.

What is different for me is that I’m going to take my failures that I’ve tried to just shove in a box and I’m going to use them. I’m going to TALK about them! I’m going to let my failures help me produce more strength.

I have to take this a day at a time (sometimes an hour at a time) in order to make it through. But, no matter what I have got to say that God is so good and I am a blessed woman. I have a super sweet, big hearted, hunky husband who I love and 5 kids who hold my heart. No matter how messy our life gets or how crazy this mama may feel…. I know that God’s plan for us is too good to even imagine.

So today, hold onto that hope. Wherever you are… however you are feeling today…. know that there is a bigger plan in the making. Be obedient to God and He will lead you and pull you through life’s situations.

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