Once upon a time there was a little girl. She was just 7 but came to realize that she was missing something BIG in her life. She gave her life to the Lord, but didn’t quite understand just yet what that would mean for her life later on.

As she grew, this girl became a teen. She always felt different than what she saw around her. She didn’t seem to “fit in with the crowd”, but she was ok with that. She grew in the Lord, but still didn’t know how much this would impact her life later on. Even at a young age she didn’t know a stranger. She loved to smile and give hugs.

College, marriage, and babies came next. Life was good. Until one day her life was turned upside down. She went from one way of life to a single mom of 2 in what seemed like a split second. No one could console her, but there amidst the chaos she found peace in her relationship with the Lord.

She was reminded that she was strong. She was reminded that she could conquer even this hardship when it felt like her world was crumbling.

And she did.

God honored her with a new beginning later on and blessed her with more children. Still she always knew God would use her in a different way. Still she felt like she was made for more.

She continued to ask the Lord to lead her in all she did. Many times this meant learning from failures, but then her faith grew even more despite the failure.

As she grew older she came to realize that God wanted her everything. Even her security and her comforts in the little things. She took a step of faith and gave up her work to stay home. But God blessed her family. He brought them through hardships because they remained faithful to Him.

Then one day, God decided it was time for more. Would she be obedient even when others might think she is crazy? Would she be BOLD even when it wasn’t the “normal” thing to do?

With the support of her hubby and God’s promises in scripture she remembered “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Today SHE (yea it’s me lol) is living a life full into FAITH and promises of the Lord. No, I have no idea what tomorrow holds.

Nope, I have no idea sometimes how the bills will get paid or how God will provide the needs for HIS plan for this cafe ministry. But, I do know that He has given me a mission and I’m to see it through.

The Harvest Cafe is my challenge for this time in my life. I am not qualified. I may fail at times. I may have to learn an entirely new field of work. But, God sees a willing vessel and I want Him to use me NO MATTER WHAT!

I know my story may come across cheesy and that’s totally fine by me because like I said I’ve never been any part of “normal” as far as the world goes. But, I really want to encourage YOU to step out and live a life worthy of the calling He has for YOU!

Be BOLD and stay strong in the Lord no matter how old you are. He has great plans in store!!!

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