Well, today has been incredible for me. Sure, I could sit here and tell you the frustration of saying “no we aren’t even close to being open yet” or I can tell you how God continues to work and is leading step by step. For me, this has been the biggest journey of faith so far. Every day, I wake up not having a clue about what God is about to do, but I continue to anticipate great things.

If you have missed the story of how this journey began, let me go back a bit and fill you in. It’s an amazing story of how God is moving today and will use you when you are being still and listening.

First of all, last year, my husband and I decided to take a leap of faith and have me stay at home full time. I quit my nursing job and we have been taking it month by month as God has provided our needs. In November, a few months after retiring the day job, my “mommy mobile” was hit by a car that ran a red light and was totaled. God protected me and my little guy and we were able to walk away without injury. The car on the other hand had to go.

Shortly after, I found a replacement and went to pick it up. It was on my way home from this trip that God spoke to me in the quiet. He burdened me with the pain, depression, and the lost people in my community. We live in a very small town in the Blue Ridge Mtns of North Carolina. Our county is #1 in the entire state for suicides. I’m not originally from here, but have seen it first hand since moving here seven years ago.

I was in tears over the need for Jesus in this place and God laid it upon my heart to open a café and reach out to the community through it. It won’t be just a place to eat, but where people can be ministered to whether through prayer, music, or support. Our café will be used for other reasons such as Bible studies and group meetings for those who are hurting, fighting addictions, etc…

We have been on this journey now for 6 months and from the beginning I knew that my husband and I could not do this on our own. We live paycheck to paycheck like many out there today. Even though it seems impossible that God could allow us to start the café, I know that HE will provide for the every need. I sat in the empty building this morning with K-LOVE blaring on the radio and wrote out prayers for a few hours. I taped them on the floor and plan to print out many more before the floor is laid next week.

I want The Harvest Café to be a place where the Holy Spirit shines through. Where people can come and here the name of Jesus. Where people can come to have requests lifted up. Where people can come to hear about what Jesus did for us. I want people to come and feel the compassion and love we have for others and to understand that with Jesus we have all kinds of hope and peace.

I feel so unworthy to be called to do this. I am a nurse. I am a mom. I am no one special. But, in God’s eyes I’m robed in righteousness. I’m a child of the King! I have been through many hardships in my 34 years here on this earth and I want to use my story to reach others. I feel like if I don’t get face to face with people more then I won’t have as many opportunities to share.

Sometimes we simply need to break out of the walls of the church and get into the community and minister. Jesus did this. He was always moving and doing. He was surrounding Himself with all walks of life. He wanted to be their friend and show them that life could be so much better than they thought.

So, this is the core of The Harvest Café.

We are waiting for the renovations to be completed and when we are handed the key we will be ready to move forward with equipment, electrical and plumbing needs. I know that when God is ready He will move. We ask for your prayers and support as we move each step of the way. If you feel led to support us, I have opened a Go Fund Me page or you can mail support to PO BOX 1115 Jefferson, NC 28640.

Please keep in touch! We love hearing from people all over the world in support of what we are doing. I pray today that God would move in a mighty way. Here is a picture of one prayer card that went on the floor today. My desire is to cover the entire floor with prayers before the wood is laid next week. If you would like to add a prayer, feel free to type it in the comments and I’ll print it out so you can be a part of this. God is so good! Thanks for your support!

prayer card

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