Hey there! Thanks so much for checking out my page! My heart is so full and there is so much I want to share with you. But first, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I am a lover of Jesus first and foremost, pastor’s wife and mom of 5. I am an author of the devotional “Broken to Blended: Encouragement for Blended Families” and a speaker/co-founder through Gaining Ground Ministries which my husband and I founded in 2016. God has given me a huge passion for women across the world to equip and encourage them through His Word and to share messages of hope.

You see, my life wasn’t always a piece of cake. At twenty-six years old, I found myself divorced and single mom of two beautiful girls. This was not the life I anticipated nor wanted, but through my brokenness God took the ashes and made something beautiful. I had lost who I was and had taken my focus off of Him, but when I hit my lowest point of my life God was still right there with me where He had always been. He wanted me to draw close to Him so He could show me the awesome plans He desired for my life.

I know what it feels like to be let down, betrayed, unloved, unwanted. I desired all good things and a marriage that lasted forever. When I didn’t get that, I endured years of struggle to reach the relationship that I now have with my Savior. I’m so thankful that He knew me and wanted the best for my life.

Steve and I have been married for nine years now and have the “yours, mine and ours” family as our kids will tell you. We have a beautifully blended crew, but it has not been all rainbows and ponies if you know what I mean. Stepparent life and second marriage is so hard, but I’m blessed to have an amazing husband who partners with me to deal with the day-in and day-out life. Through Gaining Ground Ministry, we also have Blended Family Ministries (specific to ministering to those with blended families), Prison Ministry (which is my husband’s passion to share God’s message to the captive), and preaching.

To keep up to date with what’s going on with our ministry, you can check out our WEBSITE or check us out on FACEBOOK ! I love making new friends and connecting online!

PS – Here’s a little pic of my fun family.


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